Hiv dating hot line

05-May-2020 15:48

But on the other hand PCR DNA tests are best used from 28 days on, but as early as 2 weeks, b/c these levels will not become none detectable over time. By 6-8 weeks, a negative standard test is at least 95% and perhaps 99% reliable.

It is very rare for someone to take 3 months to become positive.

The test looks for HIV virus DNA, so wouldn't be more accurate earlier than anti-body. I was getting anxious and was told about PCR tests by an HIV hotline - I didn’t know that they weren’t used for routine screening.I see that you understand what you need to do regarding testing. It's pretty normal that while waiting to be tested, you would be feeling some intense anxiety, even panic.cuz she comes from south asian country where % of Hiv is 1% ,it seems quite high for me cuz my country only 0,05% carries HIV ,other fact is she has 2 babies -Thank u meworried for ur answer, I know that maybe i wrote some stupid things but 2 weeks ago I have no knowledge about hiv and i was very scared,now i feel better and hope everything would be ok but i am not certain yet: give me 2 answers yet 1risk increases when a girl has menstruation? Talked to a HIV hotline and they said if I havent' gotten really sick or no fever, i should be good, but still would test.When I went to the doctor for a sore throat I found out that I had strep throat, so I ask her whether my last two HIV test enough to say that I was HIV negative and she said yes.

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I am also having tingling in certain parts of my body but I think it is due to my high level of anxiety or my mild case of epilepy.after we broke up i started feeling sick all the time, sore throat on and off and my stomach kept making gurgling noises.

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