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So many women are raped, it'd be stupid not to.Okay, correct me if I'm wrong but this is what I've pieced together from what you've written.That just sounds like the beginning of a murder/rape story.And if anything did happen - not saying youre a rapist or murderer, but if it did, people would call her an idiot for going to a strangers home! Men typically don't feel at thread from women but women are raised to feel scared about men.

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Social anxiety is only one part of the equation--it is not a requirement--I just think it is more probable that they would not enjoy going out than non socially anxious people. A very painful, tedious chore that doesn't have to be done.

I'm curious as to why you're interested in a relationship then? I consider myself an introvert and have social anxiety, but I still enjoy leaving the house. Hopefully, I can find someone who sees leaving the house as a chore and not something fun. I don't think my social anxiety is bad at all, I could act like I am the most outgoing person in the world and yes some people fall in love with that persona (my ex did and I warned her that this isn't me), but it is hard to keep it going--I burn out. I think it just is a biological need (I don't know).