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As I enter the house she sees me and immediately her eyes fall to look directly and boldly at my crotch. She then says something to Surya in a very low voice.By the time I reach where they are sitting Surya looks directly at my crotch, then asks me finally looking up at my eyes, "Where have you been all afternoon? Mosrakina is waiting for you there." I don't understand. Not being asked any questions, Mosrakina she tells me, "There was an interesting episode on TV this afternoon and we both didn't want to miss it.So standing there I just keep my eyes on the TV and let her enjoy. I have not seen her before." Belly replies, "She is Keya. So I am just thinking as she is already here we should have you checked by her because I have a plan to get your circumcision done this vacation to surprise your parents." There cannot be any reason for Keya to check me over because her daughter works in a hospital. You know what is best for me." "That is a good boy," saying this she begins to go to get Surya and Keya and finds both of them at the door. I was going to ask something of you." Keya replies, "What's the matter Belly? But please come and have a seat." Hearing the cheerful voice of Belly they both realize that it is all cleared for them.After some time she asks me, "Why are you standing there? I know that Belly is under some additional stress but I do not want to let her know that I know her situation. It is her little fun and I am more than happy to help with her this harmless fun. They both come into the room with big smiles on their faces and sit on a couch across from me." I go to her smiling and sit down very close beside her on the couch. I know she enjoys showing my cock so it is most likely she will allow them to look at my cock which has been hard from very early this past afternoon till now, four or five hours later. Belly then replies with a smile, "I have no problem with it. Sitting very closely beside me Belly says to Keya, "My nephew has come here with me on his vacation.Just then Surya comes to the door and tells Belly, "Come out here for a minute, I want to talk to you." Belly goes over to her. I mute the TV as I am very curious and I want to overhear what they are saying. I know why he was in Askura's house all afternoon." Belly does not reply. But..." Cutting her off mid-sentence Surya says, "No buts. She is my best friend and I want to give her this treat. If showing my cock to Surya and her friend takes Belly out of the trap and makes her feel happy I should do it, I say to myself. I have a plan to get his circumcision done while we are staying here.I already met her this afternoon." Surya then says, "That's fine. Belly then began to pull my trousers down slowly revealing my nine inches of hard cock, inch-by-inch.What you do not know is that she loves to see young cocks and so do I. Both of Surya's and Keya's smiles become wider and they actively lick their lips and squirm where they are sitting.

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When the waistband of my trouser reaches my cock head, Belly stops. Belly now comes up beside me and sees what Keya is doing to my cock.

Then later Belly played with my hard cock again when she dressed me for a visit to see Askura. She played with my cock for three hours without my having an orgasm, so, it's actually very obvious about her. Maybe she doesn't want to push her playing with it that far. Belly sent me to Askura because she knew she didn't have any options.

I wonder if they all planned the visit so that I wouldn't cum. Anyway, I love her and what she does to me is fine with me, though I have an aching cock and my head is spinning from all those hands on my cock for so long.

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