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02-Jul-2020 04:03

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He calls it like he sees it – and his pointed criticism of an entrenched system originates from the first fresh set of eyes to see the internal machinations of a decade-old administration that seems more focused on managing the county council than the administrative and operational aspects of a large, bloated and unwieldy bureaucracy. Only a small-minded bigot hates someone they don’t know or understand; however, I intensely dislike his cheapjack means to an end and manipulation of our system of governance to meet the private profit motives of political insiders. Once, while dealing with a crisis, I placed a telephone call to Mr. And it told me a lot about the man, his management style and his relationship with the municipalities.

I’m often asked why I “hate” Jim Dinneen – a natural assumption based upon my frequent screeds taking him to task for the disaster du jour – the seemingly endless gaffes, mistakes, howlers and good Old Fashioned, five-alarm fuck-ups that dominate the news these days. Dinneen to request assistance from the County’s Road & Bridge Department. Someone recently opined on social media that the primary role of a city/county manager is to serve as a scapegoat for the elected officials. It’s an incredibly important role in the life of a community – and when things go bad – real damage can result.

As a result, many times the legislative process dissolves into little more than a rubber-stamp of the manager’s prerogative.

The system also insulates career civil servants – the professionals who provide government services to the community – from the often politically motivated nature of elected officials who are normally prohibited by charter from directing or interfering with operations. Perhaps the one aspect of the system that gives the manager ultimate power is the fact that he or she personally controls the flow of information to the members of the elected body. Florida’s open government laws specifically prohibit two or more elected officials from discussing matters coming before the collective body in private.As a result, the only conduit they have to the “real story” – the nuts and bolts of the issues – is through individual meetings with the manager.

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