Is dating an atheist a sin

13-Dec-2019 07:25

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I was told that by a Christian Ministries major in college, and I think about it whenever I see something like this. Finding someone who wants to settle down, that's always a little more of a challenge.It can be hard enough for Christians to stay pure, both physically and mentally, so it follows that if one person in the relationship is not as committed to it, it would be even more difficult to not push physical boundaries. Not that every atheist is a player but the relationship rules sometimes seem like they are a little more, for the religious reasons already mentioned, and the fact that an atheist can't have the same reverence for what marriage is, so the likelihood of the marriage not lasting would be much higher.My mom was an atheist when she met my dad and now she's more of a christian then he is.Just coz you're a christian doesn't mean your a good person and vice versa ....None the less, the person would have to be relatively liberal with regard to their faith, open to reason with regards to what they do based upon it, have a sense of humor about the whole thing, and be able to not get too serious when it comes to theological disputes. We had what was probably the best relationship I've ever had with anyone. Jesus told us to seek the Kingdom of God first and foremost in this life.Now, some of this simply boils down to the three things that make all good relationships run: trust, communication, and independence. Even though she was willing to go to Mass with me, raise the kids as Catholics, etc, I knew that I wanted my marriage to be sacramental and that I'd want my spouse and I to grow in holiness with each other. If I marry and raise a family, I want to be united to somebody that will encourage me in my faith, and raise my children in the truth of the gospel.So, hypothetically, if in the future I found a girl who ticked all sorts of boxes except the "Christian" one, yeah, I'd consider pursuing a relationship with her. The Biblical comparisons between the church and the bride run both ways, so not only are we supposed to understand the function of the church by the illustration of marriage, but we're supposed to have our marriage emulate how the church ought to be.

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Do they follow the heart of Christ's teachings without acknowledging the source?Also ideally, we don't date casually, but date for the explicit purpose of getting married. Now we are wasting our time with one another in some regard.If you cannot marry the person, then there is little point in dating. We're still friends but there will always be that world view conflict if we were to try and settle down with one another.Different worldview, leading to different practices that may not be compatible.

Pre-marital sex would likely be points of contention, and pre-marital cohabitation.If the answer is yes, I do feel it's worth a shot.