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27-Apr-2020 00:35

Some polities might make the “wrong” decision, but the nation-state model helps create a space for normative pluralism.

Trying to dissolve the nation-state in the name of cosmopolitanism, maximum liberty, or some other aim would probably end up undermining the ability to come to local consensuses about what things like “liberty” actually mean.

Her views on Jews and Israel fluctuate wildly — in the past, she has called Israel a “Nazi state” and alleged that Zionism was created by the Third Reich (or something — I challenge you to succinctly summarize the opinions expressed here), though more recently she’s taken to accusing Hillary Clinton of plotting Israel’s destruction and labeling aide Huma Abedin a “Nazi whore.” But there was money to be made, so Roseanne limped from the locker room like a bizarro-world Willis Reed. Second, Trump World shouldn’t have embraced her new show.

Remember when President Trump called Roseanne to congratulate her on her ratings?

But where’s the sitcom emergency necessitating the love for Roseanne? ESPN is expanding Keith Olbermann’s role at the network despite a Twitter feed full of hysterical, profane insults and unhinged commentary.Instead, the standards seem almost infinitely malleable, with even the necessity of quality work contingent on proper politics.