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16-Aug-2020 17:31

Going in Circles Dating typically involves a host of seismic ups and downs in any city, but being young and single in Laguna, where everyone seems to know each other, definitely complicates the undertaking.

“Honestly, the first word that comes to mind is incestuous,” says Laguna local Brendan Hexberg of the city’s dating scene.

Though just 25 years old, Brendan can be considered something of an authority on the topic—he grew up in the area, attended Laguna Beach High School and returned to his hometown after a brief stint in Texas for college.

With his return, however, came the shocking realization that dating in a small town like Laguna is an entirely different experience than dating in a bigger city.

Hot spots like Dizz’s As Is boasted delicious food, fine wines and a warm atmosphere that made getting to know one another an effortless process—perfect places to fall in love, especially for couples like Bob and Stephanie Mister, who grew up in Laguna, met in Laguna and fell in love in Laguna. He took me on nice dates—no pressure; he just really wanted to get to know me. Email and all this stuff wasn’t available back then.

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In addition, a large bar area complete with TVs allows locals to catch up on the game while mingling with friends or striking up a conversation with the stranger one seat over.

He thought the conversation was flowing smoothly and offered to buy the woman a drink.

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