Lifetime movies about online dating

27-Mar-2020 04:38

But her dude has a deep secret: he isn’t in college, HE'S IN JAIL!

You may think that whatever he did couldn’t have been that bad since he still has internet access, but you’d be wrong. Also, the prison doesn’t seem to be that good at being a prison.

Oh, and there’s a woman named Kendra who just hangs around for some reason.

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Dating tv shows are nothing new, but they're nearly always entertaining.Obviously, when you are dating someone online, you print their profile off and carry it with you like a lock of hair from your civil war beau.Printoffs of dating profiles from a website that sounds like an email service for seniors?As always, Lifetime has their thumb on the pulse of teenupsmanship.

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Cami seems to have struck gold with her inter-dude Jake: he’s hot, good at writing lame kissy-kissy emails, and an achiever at some college somewhere.

On these dating shows, one person meets an interacts with numerous potential mates over a period of several weeks. Enjoy this list of the greatest reality TV dating shows ever, and don't forget to vote!