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In this fascinating survey of thirteen of the most famous buccaneers, author and former U. Navy SEAL Benerson Little employs his direct experience of seafaring and naval combat tactics to highlight the ingenuity of many of the pirates' campaignsand those conducted against them. Contributor to the hardcover, full length color book-length rule book supplement to Blood & Plunder, the critically acclaimed table top Caribbean piracy wargame by Firelock Games, 2018.

Forward to the new edition (ebook only, I believe, unfortunately, unlike the first edition) of The Gigantic Book of Pirate Stories compiled and edited by Steve Brennan (Skyhorse Publishing, 2017).

(San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2006.) Provided occasional technical assistance on various projects in the works, including television productions.

Youtube interview by Milwaukee Atheists, on the subject of piracy: https:/​/​​JPbs CIms4bs Gave a two hour lecture on pirate and privateer tactics during the Golden Age of Piracy at Historicon 2017 at Fredericksburg, Virginia, on behalf of Firelock Games.

A sword like this--or even this one--will play a small but critical role in Fortune's Favorite.

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The silver hilt has a 1688 charge mark, the year such were instituted, and may therefore be earlier.Crawford, naval historian and editor of The Autobiography of a Yankee Mariner: Christopher Prince and the American Revolution. With meticulous documentation, wry humor, and keen attention to detail, Benerson Little accurately portrays the last hurrah of the Brethren of the Coasta free-minded floating society of patriotic mercenaries and self-serving rogues, accomplished sailors, and intrepid adventurersbefore their final eclipse into unmitigated piracy. Galvin, associate professor of geography at Indiana University Southeast and author of Patterns of Pillage: A Geography of Caribbean-based Piracy in Spanish America, 15361718 "The Buccaneer's Realm holds up well against Little's previous work, making two-for-two books that are truly must-haves for any true pirate scholar." To catch a predatoron the high seas.For thousands of years pirates, privateers, and sea raiding peoples have terrorized the ocean voyager and coastal inhabitant, plundering ship and shore with impunity.Contributor to the hardcover, full color book-length rule book to Blood & Plunder, the critically acclaimed table top Caribbean piracy wargame by Firelock Games, 2016. HISTORICAL ADVISOR TO FIRELOCK GAMES for their critically-acclaimed "Blood & Plunder" miniature war game , 2015-present.

Las tcticas de los piratas del Caribe in the Spanish print magazine Desperta Ferro, August 2015. A brief article debunking popular myths about pirates and eye patches. "Close Fights at Sea: Boarding Ship-to-Ship 1630-1730," No Quarter Given, September 2005 (vol. Assist in developing correct period costumes, arms, and vessels, and advise on period tactics.Forthcoming, "Pirate Daughters: In Film and History," in Pirates Magazine, Issue 15, Summer 2011. "Terrorists and Pirates Are Similar But Not the Same," in Piracy on the High Seas, Gale Cengage, 2010. "The Origin of the Dread Pirate Banner: the Jolly Roger," in Pirates Magazine," Issue 12, April 2010. "Scimitars, Swivel Guns, & Firepots: Digging for Pirates in Denmark," part one, No Quarter Given, May/​June 2008 (vol. HISTORICAL CONSULTANT TO THE STARZ NETWORK'S BLACK SAILS CABLE TELEVISION SERIES, 2012-2016 (seasons 1 through 4).