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This means that a synopsis will be ready to be used as soon as the exchange has taken place without requiring statistics to be gathered on Q2 post-exchange.

The result of this is that the global-level statistics for SALES can be refreshed faster in Oracle Database 12c than they can be in Oracle Database 11g.

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This technique is used when large volumes of data must be loaded and maximum performance is paramount.

For example, new data can be inserted into LOAD before any indexes have been created on this table.

If the volume of data is large, creating indexes at the end of the load is very efficient and avoids the need to bear the higher cost of index maintenance during the load.

The data in LOAD is published to SALES “at the flick of a switch”.

Typically, the exchange step looks like this: Operationally, this approach is more complex than inserting data directly into SALES but it offers some advantages.For example: Statistics will be gathered on Q2 and the synopsis will be created so that the global-level statistics for SALES will be updated.

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