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10-Oct-2019 10:55

BBB Accredited: Yes Company Description Prosper is an online lending service.Borrowers file financial information and are matched with investors who fund the loans. It offers secured and unsecured personal loans for debt consolidation.It helps to know how credit counselors are compensated.If they receive bonuses for selling additional services, that should be a red flag.

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Many consumers, especially those seeking financial help, have been exploited by misleading, or blatantly false promises.The star rating below is based on’s review of each organization’s fees, transparency, Better Business Bureau rating and complaint history.Company Description In Charge is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit that specializes in credit counseling and debt management programs.BBB Accredited: Yes Never underestimate the value of customer service in choosing the best debt consolidation company. The ability to speak freely with a credit counselor can make you more comfortable taking suggestions to help your cause.

A good debt-relief company will provide you with clear answers, and have a reputation for integrity and success.

Comments Debt management program requires commitment and patience.