Long until dating becomes relationship

01-Dec-2020 09:03

When you start dating someone new, the number one thing you start thinking about is probably when you should make your relationship official. Wondering when to start calling that dude you’ve been hooking up with your boyfriend can be super stressful.

If you say it at the wrong time, it can destroy any chance of a future relationship – but the same thing can happen if you wait too long. Well, a recent study done by both Zoosk and revealed something a little bit surprising about when to make things official.

My father has been seeing his girlfriend for 19 years.

It's getting to the point where they're considderring marriage just for legal reasons as they face medical issues that are easier to adress when you're a legal partner, but I don't think in all of that time they've been boyfriend/girlfriend.

The worst time to do this is in the middle of a fight or in the middle of sex.

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And i know i shouldnt be thinking about what others think but i'm concerned what other poeple will think of me as...

I’ve briefly talked to him about his when we first started dating and he said to me ‘so a title is really that important to you? On average, how long do you think a couple should be seeing each other before they are official boyfriends and girlfriends? when you introduced him to your friends, what did introduce him as?