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c ,algorithm,math,recursion Basically, you are finding all permutations of the array using a recursive permutation algorithm.There are 4 things you need to change: First, start your loop from pos, not 0 Second, swap elements back after recursing (backtracking) Third, only test once you have generated each complete permutation (when pos =...If you don't care about these additional arguments, you can just take a variadic template template and be on...c ,opengl,opengl-es,integer,shader These integers are handles. This is a common idiom used by many APIs, used to hide resource access through an opaque level of indirection.

The third parameter needs to be length - 1 instead of length 1 to strip off the null terminator: title = Mid(title, 1, length - 1) Since you are not stripping the null terminator, your title variable does not actually contain "Personalization" by itself,...c ,qt,clipboard You're not using the function set Text correctly.The canonical prototype is text(QString & subtype, Mode mode = Clipboard) const from the documentation. c ,command-line-arguments If you can use boost library you could simple do it like this: string date("2015-11-12"); string format("%Y-%m-%d"); date parsed Date = parser.parse_date(date, format, svp); You can read more about this here.You would see the code for the constructor if you make it a non-template member function.

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template c ,pointers,stl,iterator Preferred option: change is Prime to take a long (and pass *it to it). Your original code doesn't work because it is an iterator (which is a class) whereas the function expected long int * and there is no implicit conversion from iterator to...c Your error is actually coming from: array.push_back(day); This tries to put a copy of day in the vector, which is not permitted since it is unique.

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