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Helena Moreno, D-New Orleans, speaks Tuesday, May 2, 2017, on the House floor at the Capitol in Baton Rouge.Moreno is sponsoring a bill that would apply protections for domestic abuse battery victims to "dating partners." (Photo by Sarah Gamard, Manship School News Service) After a college student in Southwest Louisiana strangled his girlfriend last year in her dorm room, the campus police officer who investigated the case got in touch with an anti-domestic violence advocacy group to voice his frustration, the group's director said.Wineski's organization, with the support of some in law enforcement and a handful of individual district attorneys, has since worked with State Rep.Helena Moreno, D-New Orleans, to craft legislation that would give "dating partners" most of the same protections Louisiana law gives to domestic violence survivors. The House of Representatives approved House Bill 223 Friday (May 11) in a vote of 59-30, and the bill is now slated to move through the Senate.

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As such, he could have been charged with a felony for the subsequent battery case involving his wife.

The dating partner loophole was made clear, Wineski said, by the case of former state Sen.

Troy Brown, who resigned his seat in February after he was twice convicted in a four-month period of committing simple battery on his girlfriend and later, misdemeanor domestic abuse battery of his wife.

Vaughn lived with her two children in the right side of the double.

(Emily Lane, | The Times-Picayune) Compromise with the gun groups The original version of Moreno's bill did not carve out a new section of law, it merely added "dating partner" to the existing domestic abuse battery statute.

Friends of the victim identified her as Renata Vaughn and said the man who was arrested in her murder, Anthony Jones, was her estranged boyfriend and father of her two children.