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28-Apr-2020 01:29

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Following her divorce from Rico Hines last year, all is well with the actress these days. ” she told PEOPLE at the Mc Donald’s 365 Black Awards, where the former , “I’m blessed,” she shared of her 35 years in Hollywood. “Right before my second marriage I was really cool with being single,” the mother of one shared. ”” In the past, “I always allowed the man to choose me, so I’m going to switch direction a little and give myself more time,” said Arnold.

“I’m not a star, I’m a survivor.” But with her second marriage now over, she admitted there’s one thing she’s not so adept at. “I’d fell into a nice rhythm raising my daughter, and then here comes the second husband. But even if love does come knocking again, “I doubt if I’ll ever get married again. I’m blessed to have done it all.” Last year also brought the loss of her close friend and costar Tommy Ford.

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All the single ladies: Tichina Arnold could use some advice! I don’t even know what to look at or what I’m into.” She didn’t always have this problem.

Despite her somewhat prickly nature, Arnold kept the family going in face of financial difficulty and a hostile living environment as Rochelle.