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I think the wonderful thing about it is that each person comes away with an interpretation based on their outlook on Christmas and what it means to them.

There is profound wisdom in the last two lines; "Hallelulah Noel, be it Heaven or Hell, the Christmas we get we deserve. The original version was released as a single in 1975 by Greg Lake.

First came Santa then Jesus as he became more mature with age.

This is exactly what one of the videos to this song reflected, which would not have been allowed by Greg Lake if this weren't his beliefs as well. Show me in writing or audio where he denounces Christ? However, he spells out that he DOES believe in the goodness of mankind.

The truth of Christmas is that it makes better humans of all of us, it changes us. Too bad you don't hear it that often...*** I don't think Greg was calling Jesus a fairy story.

Look at "A Christmas Carol" and what it did for Scrooge. Touched by the wings, fears angel brings Sad winter storm, grey autumn dawn Who looks on life itself, who lights your way? I feel he meant his parents fed him a fairy story until he believed in Jesus & realized the true meaning of Christmas. ***Well, you can personally believe whatever you like, but that's clearly a brain-dead interpretation.

I suspect Mr Lake does too and never imagined he would be remembered for a xmas song The commercial world makes a fairy story out of Christmas, starting with Santa and the flying sleigh, but also the sanitary presentation of the Nativity that we're all served up. It is clearly told from the perspective of a child, so should be read in that way.

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THe reason I feel this way is because ELP released a song on the TArkus album, presumably with lyrics written by GReg Lake, called THE ONLY WAY, which casts doubt on the existence of God Here are the Lyrics: People has stirred moved by the word. David Ulansey speculates that this was a belief derived from the Perseus' myths which held he was born from an underground cavern.

As for the song itself it was initially just a little humorous parody (the most accurate comment above is Eric's New Glasgow Canada What I find funny...and, kind of sad, really, is how many people seem to think this song is a denigration of Christmas in general, or that because of the way he wrote it, Greg Lake must not believe in God.

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