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01-Nov-2019 20:50

I just thought I'd add this explanation before someone says: why did you buy it then! If you can't obviously put anything right in front of it, how far back do you have to go?

Does anyone have any help for me, or can point me in the right direction?

In many cases of antisocial behaviour involving neighbours or other members of the community, a resolution can often be obtained before the matter even gets to court.

Official warning letters and interviews can sometimes be sufficient to stop the problem, but other methods include drawing up Acceptable Behaviour Agreements or Parenting Contracts as well as Fixed Penalty Notices and Noise Abatement Notices.

Should a particular case go to court, you may also be asked to give evidence.

Many people who are asked to testify against their neighbours in court are frightened to do so for fear of reprisals.

Anti-social behaviour can put a tremendous amount of strain on people and, if left unchecked, it can ruin a community all too soon, with disputes between neighbours being a common problem.

The action to take will often be determined by the type of behaviour involved and the person(s) causing the problem.

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