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This storyline also saw the return of former detective Sally Johnson (Jaye Griffiths), who ultimately exposes Taviner and also manages to bully DC Danny Glaze into tendering his resignation, in fear of his part in the plot to frame murder suspect Jeff Simpson being revealed.

This series also saw the death of long-standing character Sgt.

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A small boy dies in a drive-by shooting in his neighbourhood, and Okaro decides to walk to the press conference to give himself time to think.When she fails to meet Lennox for a drink, Lennox suspects she may be in danger. Kerry's wedding plans backfire when the venue falls through for her reception, and as Gold heads to tell Luke, she catches him in bed with Gilmore.Lennox attempts to find a missing Nixon, but he and Taviner instead find evidence relating to Rickman's murder, and also discover Nixon's phone dumped nearby.Taviner is suspicious when the absence of a key witness in a court case sees the entire case collapse, and Taviner suspects that the judge, Howard Sinclair, may have engineered the result.

Okaro makes a shock decision to resign after he takes an instant dislike to Fitzwilliam's tactics over his drugs policy.As he, Webb and Mc Allister set up a sting operation to catch those involved, Webb is forced to prevent Hunter from attacking one of the suspects with a baseball bat.

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