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A kindly, retiring woman, Emily was one of the few religious residents of the Street.

Born in Harrogate, she later moved to Weatherfield having attended Bessie Street School in her youth.

The Emporium was taken over but Swindley remained manager, with Emily and Doreen Lostock as assistants.

They got married in 1972 and had a happy marriage but in 1978 Emily was widowed when Ernest was shot and killed in a robbery.

Emily remained devoted to Ernie years after his death but allowed herself to fall in love again in 1980 when she met and married pet shop owner Arnold Swain.

Only a short time into the marriage, Emily found out that Arnold was still legally married to his first wife. As she approached old age, Emily was joined at No.3 Coronation Street by lodgers including Curly Watts, Percy Sugden, Norris Cole, Ernie's niece Freda Burgess and her own nephew Geoffrey "Spider" Nugent, who she was especially fond of as she regretted never having children.

Spider even convinced the usually quiet Emily to join him in a protest against renovating the Red Rec.Emily Nugent was born in Harrogate on 18th October 1929, the daughter of James and Agnes Nugent.