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Following the steps in this blog post, you will need to: You should only need to do this once. It will automatically recompile templates on-demand. in your browser to view the specific graphic you are working on. Here's a sample Apple Script to automatically launch a three-paned terminal window (one for the dailygraphics machine, one for the local webserver, and another for the separate graphics repo).NPR users: The environment variables you need have already been generated, so you can skip the first step. You can save this locally, customize it to match your own configuration and add an alias for it to your It's possible that the webserver is already running silently in the background. dailygraphics includes starter code for a few different types of graphics (and we're slowly adding more as we go).As Sillett puts it, trees are not like people, “they cannot run away from paparazzi,” and history has taught us that bad things happen to trees that become too popular.dailygraphics is a framework for creating and deploying responsive graphics suitable for publishing inside a CMS with

This is for clarity and to help prevent ovewriting existing projects. If the date you specify is not a valid date, dailygraphics will use the current date different from the other buckets.) Google OAuth The default configuration assumes that you want to use NPR's copytext rig to pull content from a Google Spreadsheet.