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Ginger is an ancient wonder spice and is given the status of a "natural medicine chest" in ancient Ayurvedic medicine.

That’s because this wonder spice has time-tested, digestion-friendly properties, in addition to its numerous other health benefits. Ginger-infused Chai is a household favorite, and it’s grandma’s antidote of choice for battling cold and flu!

You can grate it up and squeeze it into a hot tea, add it to juices, baked goods, smoothies and more... You could also try our super simple Ginger Lemon Detox Drink for a quick pick me up. Gingery Dessert Try our delicious Ginger Slice with loads of beneficial and healing ingredients - a favorite in our Food Matters office!

Did you know that ginger is in our top 11 Natural remedies to relieve head-aces?

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Before I went out into the real world, I wondered: Are women scared off by recovering alcoholics? woman or civilian as non-alcoholics are sometimes called, how should I read her profile?Finally, the number one song in this category goes to Katie Perry’s “Circle the Drain.” She brings back a 70s hard rocker chick sound relative to “Heart,” which — in combination with her typical techno pop sound — is perfect for a powerful female anthem.She describes the tolls that her boyfriend’s drug abuse problem has taken on their relationship spitefully, and indignantly concludes that she isn’t sticking around.Perry sings harshly: “I wanna be your lover, not your f***** mother, can’t be your savior, I don’t have the power.” At a certain point, you can’t let someone else hold you down with their problems.

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No one should allow a boyfriend, husband or friend’s Alcohol or drug abuse problem to cause them pain.

Across all genres and ages of music, from 60s R&B to contemporary country pop, Alcohol and drug abuse has been a popular topic.