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30-Nov-2020 11:15

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It's not just hiding the thinning, it the color too? Looking like you dyed your hair so you won't look old makes you look like you dyed your hair so you won't look old.hopefully, I can grown in the grey without the bother of constantly chasing roots. worse case scenario I might get to eat for cheap at 5 o'clock... Besides, my employer would of simply lied and said he fired me for some other reason. Darker wings sure made those lady barn swallows swoon. Guys can't wear highlights as well as women can so they usually dye it all one color that looks completely unnatural. The last two people who asked me how old I was were shocked, they thought I was in my mid thirties, ..soon I'll be two years shy of fifty (I thank my mom for this, ..aged very gracefully, I have her face).