Online dating for abstinence

28-Jun-2020 01:28

Side note: There is a lot of research showing that religion is good at helping people commit more strongly to things than they would otherwise.

For example, religious married couples have a slightly lower chance of divorce than nonreligious/nonpracticing married couples because they have a stronger sense of moral commitment.

Naturally, religious people seem more likely to wait until marriage to have sex.

In a study of 9 Southern Babtist churches in Texas (it doesn’t get much more conservative than that), 20% of the church members aged 25 or younger were married without ever having premarital sex.

Rather than present a balanced, complete picture of both abstinence and sexual activity, focuses on the negative repercussions of sexual activity; it discusses the possibility of unintended pregnancy and STDs, including HIV and goes on to blame teen sexual behavior for all sorts of individual and societal problems.

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For example, 11% of modern 25-year-olds have not had premarital sex.