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11-Mar-2020 23:22

If you’re going to read it, keep in mind that is way more important than what you do.

So make sure you let the first part of what I said sink in.

And now he’s starting to holler more at me to get my attention when I walk by. He makes an eye contact to me but I am the one who break it. He showed me almost half signs he likes me but he never talked to me or made a move!!

He even start closer to me, so there isn’t literally no space between us. Then sometimes I can see him grinning while looking at mebut he never admitted that he likes me and i never admitted that I like him too. But there’s a rumor that he has a girlfriend that’s why I’m confused right now. Is it because he likes me or is it because he hates me !! Please tell me its urgent or else i would be late i never showed him a sign that i like him !!

He got out of a relationship about a month ago and his ex is now one of my good friends. He always gives me hugs and touches me also he gave me a shoulder massage and massaged down my back too.I don’t know what to do or if he’s flirting and trying to tell me and I’m just not realizing it…Can you please help me?? Tell me please CAN ANYONE PLEASE TELL ME IF THE GUY LIKES ME OR NOT IN THE COMMENTS HERE PLEASE!!TELL ME AM I TOO LATE OR I CAN MANAGE EVERYTHING EVEN NOW(IF THERE IS)!!But here this past few months he’s been acting different.

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He’s getting more touchy, he’s tickling me more than normal, always finds a reason to touch me or much hands, I’ve caught him staring at my face and I’ve also caught him staring at my body.

I met this guy abt two years ago on the internet,for months he wanted me to go out on a date with him but I usually turn him down cos I was seeing someone .