Parcel post delivery confirmation not updating

02-Mar-2020 12:17

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If you ignore the list and send items anyway, they may be seized or returned to the sender. Residents of other countries should check with their postal services to see what can and cannot be mailed to Italy.

The Italian postal service cannot be blamed if items on such a list do not arrive at destination in Italy.

I imagine the Italian postal service has a similar list too.

If someone knows where it is, tell me and I’ll add a link.

Fingers crossed that this one makes it to me in Italy. The package arrived in Milan, where I live, in good time and in perfect condition.

I ordered, via, a memory card from a German company for my camera on January 6th.

Now, for items not on the list above, or on any other list for that matter: Red envelopes shout ‘rip me open! Mail workers are wise to the fact that colourful envelopes from overseas may well contain greeting cards along with cheques or, even better, cash.

When sending simple things like greeting cards, do not use that flashy red or sky blue envelope that came with it.

Those living in the USA need to check the list carefully before assuming Italian postal workers are light fingered.

The unlucky reader had not read this how to post before sending the pack to Italy.

Remember those covert operations 😉If you can understand what is in a pack from feeling it, then you can be dead certain that someone else will too, especially someone who makes a living handling parcels.

I know, I have had direct experience of the Italian post.

Two things which stick in my mind are a Christmas card which never arrived, and a few humble pairs of Marks and Spencer’s socks which my mum sent to me a few years back. Yes, I know that these items were not life threateningly important, but losing them was annoying, and others have lost much more valuable items.

This how-to post, if you’ll excuse the postal pun, may help you avoid losing things to the rather erratic Italian post.