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Whereas in the Netherlands, government control over the economy remains at a minimum, but a socialist welfare system remains.

The lifestyle in the Netherlands is very egalitarian and organized, where even bosses do not discipline or treat their subordinates rudely.

When I was 25 years old, I started my new, dream job as a health and physical education teacher.

Six days into the school year I went for a CT scan after months of complications with my breathing.

Equality is considered the most important value in Denmark.

Small businesses thrive, with over 70 percent of companies having 50 employees or less.

I got the results later that day while I was on my lunch break. Three months into my husband’s yearlong deployment to South Korea, Captain Matthew Marggraf started noticing a painless lump forming on the side his neck.

It was in stage IV and I started chemotherapy treatments immediately.Sweden has a large welfare system, but due to a high national debt, required much government intervention in the economy.In Norway, the government controls certain key aspects of the national economy, and they also have one of the best welfare systems in the world, with Norway having one of the highest standards of living in all of Europe. Ireland has arguably one of the best welfare systems in the world, with unemployment checks higher on average than Denmark or Switzerland’s average.Emily, a 32-year-old mother of three young children, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in August 2013.

After a whirlwind of intense treatments over the next two years including chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant and months of hospitalization, Emily relapsed soon after each treatment.

Around 25 percent of Ireland’s GDP goes towards paying for the welfare system, as compared to 15 percent of America’ GDP towards America’s social support programs.