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For example, if you want to get a list of users from a table User Actions sorted according to the most recent action (based on a field called Time) the query would be: SELECT * FROM (SELECT * FROM User Actions ORDER BY Time DESC) AS Actions GROUP BY User ID ORDER BY Time DESC; Without the subquery, the group is performed first, and so the first record that appears in the database (which is not necessarily in the order you want) will be used to determine the sort order. They are similar to, but not exactly the same as, the mysqldump options. Reply to Edward Hermanson post (above): I prefer this way of sorting table by column values listed in another table: The accnumber column in primary table contains ID values from ID column in the secondary table.

(We cannot guarantee the field order across all our databases.)rem Edit order number before runningrem Give password when promptedrem Result files will be in current working directory\mysql\bin\mysqldump livedb -uliveuser -p --no-create-info --tables orderpayment --where=orderid=2712 To select the identifiers with the greatest value in each class (where each identifier falls into one class): SELECT id_class,id FROM tbl,(SELECT MAX(val) AS val FROM tbl GROUP BY id_class) AS _tbl WHERE = _tbl.val; We had a table logging state changes for a series of objects and wanted to find the most recent state for each object. This seems to be the simplest solution that runs in a reasonable amount of time. Class Max from class_signups cs RIGHT JOIN classdescription cd on (cs.s_Class ID = cd. If we had used COUNT(*) then the class withno signups would have counted 1 record, rather than the desired 0/NULL for nosignups. That's because the query is still running on mysqld, and Ctrl-C only closes the client. Since the LIMIT clause of a SELECT statement doesn't allow user variables you can use a prepared statement as in the example above in the manual.

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