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In addition to cheap prices and friendly staff, one of the strengths of Trader Joe’s is its carefully curated shelves.No, it doesn’t have nearly the selection of a supermarket, but the items it does stock are so well-chosen you feel as if you are in a food boutique — a boutique where everything is on sale.This may seem awkward, but they'll appreciate your concern, since some Orthodox won't even eat at the home of other Orthodox Jews--again because of varying standards of adherence to kashrut.If they want to eat at your house, you're safest serving cold food, such as fruit and vegetables, on clear glassware or fancy plastic plates.--Scavenger The laws of kashrut (Hebrew for "kosher" or, literally, for "fitness") are complicated and open to much interpretation.

These double wraps are believed to protect it from any non-kosher substances in these appliances.The items are collected by Trader Joe’s buyers, who travel the globe in search of well-priced, often organic, goodies.And when it comes to packaged goods, the quality is remarkably consistent.Have a question about how to behave in interfaith situations? The father of one of my closest friends, who is Jewish, died last week. The funeral, which will be in Philadelphia, is tomorrow, and its impossible for me to attend. It might be something like Habitat for Humanity or the the American Heart Association, or a specifically Jewish cause, like the United Jewish Appeal. She'll be pleased that her father's memory is being preserved through a live tree in a land which is special to most Jews.

What's the right thing to do, aside from sending a card? If you lived closer to Philadelphia, you could check your friend's father's obituary in the local papers, since death notices often specify the charities that are preferred for donations. If an Orthodox Jew comes to my house, what can be served if my kitchen is not kosher?

If neither is available, china would be acceptable.

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