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09-Apr-2020 18:14

Trade chat is meant to be used for advertising cool items you have for sale, or for posting about items you are looking for.

Make sure to always check the GTN first for prices and availability!

Pv P chat is used to discuss player-vs-player content, like warzones and open-world pvp.

You can chat in either of these channels by typing /trade or /pvp.

In particular, role-playing presents the student a valuable opportunity to learn not just the course content, but other perspectives on it.

Reasons to Use Role-Playing (motivate students, augment traditional curricula, teach real-world skill) The instructor needs to decide the context for the exercise and the role(s) that the students will play.

An easy way to start typing in chat is to hit “Enter” – or you can click on it manually.

There are a variety of roleplaying experiences available online ranging from one on one to groups. If the students are taking human roles, the context is generally a specific problem such as global warming or dealing with an active volcano.Lessons need to be carefully explained and supervised in order to involve the students and to enable them to learn as much as possible from the experience.Because it’s the default chat, it’s also the most prone to include spam or rants.

You can type in general chat by first typing /general or /1 in the chat box.You can use it to chat socially with others, find groups to play with, and ask for and offer help – and there’s a whole lot of ways to customize it. The one you will see the most is called “General” – everyone who is on the same planet or ship as you can see it.

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