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26-Aug-2020 07:39

There are some secrets out there that can really make a big difference!

Here is one of my favorite posts on looking good in photos from our friend Cara at Maskcara.

Sometimes “you get what you pay for” isn’t a beneficial thing.

Investing in a professional photographer who may charge a little more can be well worth it!

Here are a few coordinating choices that will look fabulous with fall colors as your backdrop!

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Posing for photography can be really tricky – especially with a large crowd!If you are thinking of getting your family photos or engagements done during the fall season – look no further for inspiration!We have 50 Fall family photo ideas for you and your family, including what to wear, to look great in your next fall photography session!Use your organizer to write these down and communicate these with your photographer.

Getting the kids prepped for the big day is key to a stress-free photography session.The most talented and sought-after photographers will fill up quickly (especially during the fall season! If you have a large extended family included in the photo shoot, make sure to verify with everyone that they will be able to attend.