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She said that the sense of entitlement that we have as woman is really, really a detriment to us.It's almost like if we've lived our life in a certain way, then we expect these guys to have it all absolutely together.I don't think he calls us to put our dreams on the shelf to the level that we're just dead to it because then we're not being true or honest.I think God calls us to come in our vulnerability as singles to God and say 'Lord, I long for this, I really desire to be married, but I trust you with this dream.'It was probably five years ago or so that I felt God was calling me to hand over my dreams to him on the level that I almost had to grieve the possibility of not ever marrying; grieve how that would feel if I never got married.In the midst of promoting her new album, , the 33-year-old Australian-born native who recently got engaged stopped to talk with The Christian Post about life, love, and faith. [I] really felt a kindred spirit with this group of people.

I always knew that God's way was the best, that I wanted to wait, and that I valued purity.

He proposed to me on my parents' farm in Tennessee in the snow.