Report a dating scammer Best dating site for no register at all girls sexy

03-Jul-2020 06:08

Below are the links to the sites I personally like, find useful, also pages of my friends, helpers, scambaiters and other good stuff that I recommend. There are many different scamlists on the web, no need to name them all, just do a Google search.

This group is for after the healing and dedicated to empowering victims to get their lives back as well as finding financial, legal and psychological support. The existing sites about Asian brides try to justify these scams by "culture" or "poverty". Even if they scam you for just 20 bucks it is still a scam!

Though this list mostly specializes on Russian scams, they also list Nigerian female scammers.

Unfortunately, full access to this list is not free, you gotta be a paid member, but even if you are not a paid member you can still browse it for free. This awesome group was the first one created to fight the Nigerian romance scams.

This is like the headquarters of Russian Police: Send your message through "Public Reception" center.

They have a special so-called department "K" dedicated to fight cybercrime.And since I know what a hard and ungrateful work is it to maintain the scamlists, I don't blame them for charging money. They did a lot, and continue doing, to educate people, help victims, provide everybody with important information and support, as well as get attention of media to this huge problem.