Sedating antihistamines mechanism of action

15-Mar-2020 04:03

According to de Waele et al (1995), there are several lines of evidence that suggest that histamine receptors modulate the function of central vestibular neurons.

This suggests that H2 blockers (commonly used to reduce stomach acid), at least those that cross into the brain, may have a central vestibular suppressant effect.

One would also wonder if this combination might allow one to get the (sometimes) positive effect of betahistine to reduce weight.

At the time of this update (2018), we generally just send patient to a local compounding pharmacy.

The withdrawal was upheld by a US court of appeals in 1968.

Subsequently, four double-blind studies have been done reporting reduction of vertigo attacks with betahistine (Frew and Menon, 1976: Wilmot and Menon; 1976; Meyer, 1985; Mira et al, 2003).This strategy might allow one to use much lower doses of betahistine, and perhaps save money on betahistine prescriptions (Strupp reduced the dose by a factor of 10).