Sedating dogs for travel gravol single parenthood dating

28-Sep-2019 17:47

Whatever the destination, having your dogs along for the ride just tends to make for a better trip, doesn’t it? But wait, before you gas up the Wagon Queen Family Truckster and back out of the driveway, it’s important to note that there are a few things you should be aware of and a few things you can do to make your “road trip con canine” smoother, safer, and more enjoyable – for everybody.

This information will be presented in a series of blog posts, the first of which will cover that thing that can often stop your road trip before it even starts – carsickness and travel anxiety. Travel anxiety and carsickness can ruin a road trip before it even begins. Fortunately, quite a few things – give these suggestions a whirl to make Fluffy a better traveler.

Dramamine has long been used for dogs with travel sickness.

Learn more about Dramamine, as well as a few alternatives, for your pet dog’s sake.

Perhaps you can avoid Dramamine or Meclizine all-together.

Dimenhydrinate, and other antihistamines, can negatively affect your dog.

Putting your dog in the car and going nearly nowhere, as a first step, could eventually eliminate motion sickness.

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Lengthen trips, over time, until travel isn’t traumatic. the family heading off to the coast, kids and pooches eager for the journey and the thought of playing in the ocean.

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