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But would you believe that doin' it on a weekly schedule might actually save your sex life? If it's the latter, a) fuck that guy; and b) this may not be a salvageable union.Being in a monogamous relationship pretty much rules out the idea of one-night stands and other trysts that end in quick, easy sex. If your relationship is in deep trouble -- the kind of trouble more sex won’t fix -- figure it out and even try talking to a counselor.This might especially ring true if you're a teacher and she's a bartender. Does she smoke cigars with her barfly buddies on Thursdays?Do you spend Monday evenings with your crochet bros and know you can't get back home to the misses until that pretty-ass doily is done?I am a woman with a brain, ambition and much more to offer than my body.Do not, I repeat, , make a dating profile on Craigslist.Eating fish has been shown to lower blood pressure and heart rate, and studies show that people who consume it twice a week can reduce their risk of dying from heart disease by 36 percent.Poultry like chicken and turkey are also good, lean sources of protein; however, the American Heart Association advises limiting yourself to six ounces per day.

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Prudence Hall of The Hall Center in Santa Monica, CA. " She adds: "It is quite astonishing how receptive men are to our needs when we honor theirs." Maybe the problem stems from too much vanilla-ness in your lives.

Not only did this turn into discovering over 100 gross men on Craigslist, but I realized that sex really is all that anyone thinks about.