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All text, Work Product & Mental property (Intellectual rights) in my Blogs, Journals. Any use of this information is pursuant to the Berne Convention & protected by and subject to The United States Constitution right to free speech as adopted in the First Amendment, But not limited thereof.. Thank you Monte, I am impressed by your predictions and the lengthy detail you include. There are certainly very few who have the tenacity of spirit to publish predictions with such depth and accuracy. Many people all over the world who have not yet become consciously aware of the rise of the Light and the power it will shine on us, will have a change of heart about the US President Trump.HTML Code, and Bulletin Posts are copyrighted material pursuant to the protection of my First Amendment Right to Free Speech covered by the United States Constitution & U. All Rights are Reserved & Preserved by this Author & he Rejects that he is subject to ANY United Nations Law, Statute, Resolution, Provisions or legal claim! I look forward to receiving a reading from you in the near future.Granted he has an abrasive and arrogant side and most people understand that that’s the nature of his personality, not his intelligence or heart.I get my share of hate mail over this blog and it only serves to show me that people can be biased and hateful even when the truth is staring them right in the their face.This sharp increase in the rate of gang deportations — and the prospect of more gang roundups in the United States — has prompted Salvadoran authorities to hold emergency meetings and propose new legislation to monitor suspected criminals who are being sent home.”… LEGAL NOTICE & DISCLAIMER: To Anyone reading this Blog/Post:, FOR EDUCATIONAL & ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY- World Psychic AKA, Monte, “Psychic” is not affiliated with any religious, philosophical, military, Militia or political organizations. – All Information or Predictions that are made on World Psychic. ***NOTICE: ANYONE USING ANY MATERIAL ON THIS PAGE IN PART OR WHOLE, WITHOUT MY WRITTEN PERMISSION – YOU IMPLICITLY & EXPLICITLY AGREE TO HOLD THE AUTHOR FREE & HARMLESS FROM ANY LEGAL CLAIM, CRIMINAL CHARGES, EXECUTIVE ORDER, OR LEGAL – STATUTORY CLAIM FROM ITS USE & SHALL INCLUDE THIS DISCLAIMER WITH ANY COPY OF ITS CONTENTS!Org are my Personal Opinions and ONLY represent Dreams, Visions, Thoughts, and Intuitive imagery and ” DO NOT REPRESENT ANY MATERIAL or FACTUAL KNOWLEDGE or INFORMATION THAT IS PERSONALLY KNOWN BY “PSYCHIC” aka, “Monte”, “WORLD PSYCHIC “. Home Land Security Dept.” or ANY Military, Federal entity of the U. Government or LEA Investigative Local, State, or Federal U. ) – My services are available to ANY United States Federal /State/Military Agency that would like to employ my services to Protect the interest of the United States of America or its Constitutional Citizens.Hillary Clinton won the other 10 by various margins.https://org/7/20/2017: Dozens of people voted with false addresses committing voter fraud in North Dakota 7/20/2017: Alabama mayor indicted on voter fraud, theft charges 7/12/2017: Iowa Auditor suspects five residents of double voting fraud 7/12/2017: Linn County Auditor suspects five residents of double voting fraud 7/11/2017: Colorado woman charged with voter fraud, accused of forging dead parents’ signatures 7/7/2017: Iowa woman charged with voting twice pleads guilty 7/7/2017: Grout Township clerk charged with ballot tampering 7/7/2017: Travis County investigates possibility 17 people voted twice in 2016 election 7/7/2017: Michigan township clerk charged with ballot tampering 6/30/2017: Former Virginia college student receives voter registration fraud charges 7/28/2017: Rhode Island Secretary of State advances on clearing old names off voter rolls 6/27/2017: Wake County, North Carolina agrees to ask for more frequent review of its voter rolls 6/27/2017: Former Minnesota resident faces felony voting charge 6/23/2017: Judge invalidates 22 votes, putting results of 2016 Paterson Council election in doubt 6/23/2017: Tarrant lawmakers tapped to lead charge against mail-in voter fraud in Texas 6/10/2017: Harpers Ferry, West Virginia voter registrations eyed 6/9/2017: 12 Indiana Canvassers charged in fake, fraudulent voter registrations 6/9/2017: Paterson, New Jersey election fraud case debated and Judge invalidates 22 votes 6/7/2017: Tennessee defendant in alleged vote-buying scheme faces new charge 6/8/2017: More than 4,000 ‘incidents’ marred California’s November election, according to a watchdog group June 13, 2017 – “” ..”Thirty-nine members of MS-13, a brutal gang with roots in Central America, were arrested by the immigration authorities in New York in the past month, officials said on Wednesday.” Aug 17, 2017 – ““..” More than 40 suspected members of the notorious MS-13 gang faced federal charges Wednesday in Los Angeles in what law enforcement officials called one of the most significant busts of the transnational gang in its notorious decades-long history.”..”The 44 alleged members and associates included a former head of the entire gang in Los Angeles and a dozen high-ranking members, the U. Attorney’s Office of Los Angeles said in a statement.”.. Marshals Service, Operation Gang Reduction Enforcement was conducted from April 1 to April 30.

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While there will always be a lot of people who will not accept him, his actions may win over more people than any other candidate in modern history as his policies create more jobs in the first year than some previous presidents in 4 years.Yes, there are few people that can actually see what has happened to our country and those around the world that were led by dark forces and love of war.The time has come for the darkness to become light and the true demon spirits to be identified.Most countries are dealing with the some issues and I know that the powers of Light will prevail and help our world become a better place to live.

President Trump is being assaulted in the press and office like no other president before him and that speaks highly of that fact that he’s the right man for the job.

Most of these predictions have already come true and it’s only been abut a year and half into President Trump’s presidency, so I know that I’ll more than likely be a lone Psychic to get almost everything correct in my predictions.

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