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They settled in the lawless Manhattan neighbourhood of Hell’s Kitchen, where Madden made sporadic visits to St Michael’s Parochial School.

Some have claimed that Madden’s marriage in 1935 to the daughter of a former postmaster shows that his years in Hot Springs were ones of quiet retirement.

Madden was one of the five – and by July 1932 he had been sent back to Sing Sing for parole violation.

When he was freed a year later, all he had in his pocket was the he had made on the inside by growing carnations.

Stanley Walker, city editor of the Herald Tribune paper, would later write that, during Prohibition, the softly-spoken Yorkshireman was “in many respects, the most important man in New York”.

He went on: “In many ways he had more sense than (Chicago gangster Al Capone]. He saw what too much publicity was doing for Capone.” Madden is said to have used a friendship with the all-powerful gossip columnist Walter Winchell to keep himself out of the headlines.President Herbert Hoover began the new decade heading a crackdown against organised crime that claimed its first major scalp with the jailing of Al Capone.

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