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The brothers were generally considered reliable and honest by residents of the community.While both worked as handymen, Ed also frequently babysat for neighbors.the fire got out of control, drawing the attention of the local fire department.

Sometime in 1945, Gein later recounted, he and his mother visited a man named Smith, who lived nearby, to purchase straw.Augusta was fervently religious, and nominally Lutheran.She preached to her boys about the innate immorality of the world, the evil of drinking, and her belief that all women (except herself) were naturally prostitutes and instruments of the devil.George owned a local grocery shop for a few years, but sold the business, and the family left the city to live in isolation on a 155-acre farm in the town of Plainfield in Waushara County, Wisconsin, Edward left the farm only to attend school.

Outside of school, he spent most of his time doing chores on the farm.

A Plainfield resident reported that the hardware store's truck had been driven out from the rear of the building around am.