Sexslave cam live

13-Dec-2020 13:47

I would send these pictures to any guy who requested it on the net for an hour or two, pictures clearly displaying my tits, pictures of my pussy, pictures of anything and all I wanted in return was to be commanded to do whatever they wished.

I must stop to tell you, at this age I was happily going out with someone; for over a year I was with a guy, but the relationship always missed what I wanted - a man who would basically, well treat me like a slut in the bedroom.

Eventually I felt myself on the edge of orgasm, and then I begged my master to come, 'Master please let me cum' He replied, 'What are you called, you little slave whore?

' 'I am called your little slut master, please may your little slut cum master' 'Yes thats right, go on then slut, cum' When told to come.

I began painfully shoving the banana up into my asshole.

(Part One) I am 18 and live in my own home, I work part time to earn enough cash to pay the rent and I live a, well, unfulfilled life as I view it.

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