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No fear in coming alone here, you're amongst friends. have no haste in bringing a single friend; They'll thank you later. If you're one looking to get out of that house and meet up with good people who enjoy fun activities and fun events... ISo feel free to help us with any ideas for an event you may have; PLEASE...

Hazel is known to benefit from increased sunlight to the forest floor, which encourages flowering and nut production, thus providing another food source.

The clearing of woodland for agriculture and the keeping of domesticated animals started in 3500 BC, the Neolithic or New Stone Age, with the arrival of ideas and people from the Continent.

Again artefacts have been found from this period in Silverdale Road and other locations.Tools from this era have also been found within the Town.These people would have depended for food on the surrounding woodland through hunting animals and gathering edible plants such as nuts, berries and roots.I`m an intelligent , wise, passionate woman about life & love.

It could be the case that humans from the Palaeolithic period - the Old Stone Age - up to 400,000 years BC were foraging for edible vegetation and grubs and hunting wild cattle, deer and elephant.

As the climate warmed and the English Channel was created the woodlands of southern England had succeeded to elm, alder, lime and oak .