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Social movements are a type of group action that involves a large group of informal and loosely organised individuals or organisations who are brought together with the aim of achieving common interests.

The four stages include the rapport, self-revelation, mutual dependency and personality need fulfillment stages.

It is characterized by more of giving than receiving.

People experiencing agape love are usually patient, loyal and understanding when it comes to the people whom they love. This research evaluates sociology of love, dating, courtship, and marriage.

It is usually characterized by someone idealizing his or her partner and feeling that they have an urge to share everything with the person whom they love.

A person who feels Eros love towards someone usually avoid separation with his or her lover and when separation happens it is met with a lot of despair and agony (Feldman19).

A good example is by examining two movies whose theme is either building relationships or destruction of relationships as a result of love.

The film “Coalition” will be used as a basis of analyzing how and why love can result in the destruction of a relationship while the film “Breaking Dawn Part 2” will be used in the paper to analyze how love can bring about the creation of relationships.

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Such people usually involve themselves in love games in order to be reassured of their partner's love.Pragma is a kind of love which is normally pioneered by the mind instead of the heart.

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