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Two years later — within weeks of parole eligibility — he slipped away while working with fellow minimum-security prisoners on a roadside litter crew near Vineland.

Niceler stayed on the lam for more than a month until someone at Bally’s Atlantic City casino recognized him as a fugitive.

That way, he would be better able to disappear into the dark even if law enforcement were summoned to the scene.

“He’d gotten very good at it,” the police captain said.

In fact, Niceler’s criminal career stretched back nearly three decades — a history of seemingly habitual and even audacious offenses recorded in local newspaper accounts and court records.

In 1989, he made headlines after being charged in a spree of 100 commercial burglaries in South Jersey.

But for all his industriousness, knowledge, and congeniality, Niceler also could be abrasive, difficult, and opinionated, friends said.

Police say he used such tools to gain entry, disable alarms, and deflect security cameras in several dozen other break-ins in which he has since been implicated. Almost a Jekyll-and-Hyde thing,” said Douglas Mc Varish, a historian from Collingswood.