Speed dating for college students Charolette grecee

13-Mar-2020 12:35

As someone who works with college students on a daily basis and who has experienced firsthand the confusion and fear surrounding the modern search for love, I wondered what a documentary could offer a conversation that too often centers on stories of disappointment, disillusionment and hookups gone wrong.

As it turns out, "The Dating Project" does indeed have something to offer.

When it comes to dating, we all know that times have changed.

In a world of Tinder, texting, cohabitation and casual hookups, the days of 1950s courtship are long gone.

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Surprisingly upbeat and constructive, "The Dating Project" shows that the struggle to find loving relationships in the modern world is worthwhile and hopeful.

Another says that even getting up the courage to ask his crush on a date was more exciting and meaningful than a hookup experience.

Hooking up didn't even come close, he says, getting at something many of us have learned the hard way: Meaningful encounters just feel better.

"The Dating Project" points to a process of relational growth that happens by engaging in healthy dating practices.

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In a sense, it is about conversion — the conversion of individuals from disconnection and the fear of being vulnerable, into being willing to take risks and open themselves up to others.

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