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The next day, I woke up with a donut in my pocket, throwup on my bellbottoms, and a stray cat licking my face under some poor lady's Buick station wagon.

I had a killer headache, and was dizzy most of the next day.

The girl in my dormitory told me that House in the Pines was not only a real snob school, but the girls spent hours on end being catty and spiteful, and constantly putting each other down..

Moreover, my dorm mate knew the daughter of our family friends and couldn't stand her.bit.

I then remembered my sister wanted something , so I went into a record store and got the soundtrack. He took away my car, he cut the phone cord in my room, he took the needle off my stereo.

I found Laura behind the dumpster of a Chinese restaurant next door. My sister asked if it was worth it, I said of course it was.

My dad was a doctor, my mom was a nurse he met on the job.

I was born in 1949, so the 60s were my teen and college years, and man they were great.

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I hot my car back after a month, and a new phone cord and my record player's needle also.I wish I could go back to that innocent, pleasant time.I grew up in an idyllic suburb roughly 15 miles northwest of Boston, in in South Lincoln, MA, where the houses were moderately far apart, as opposed to being only 2-4 feet apart from each other, the way they were in the northern part of our town, as well as in most of the surrounding Boston suburbs.In 1963, My dad bought a maroon 2dr hardtop Galaxie, with black bench seats.

I graduated from Davidson High School, class of 1967, and my sister class of 1971.

In the late 1950's-early 1960's, we'd go sledding down our street in the wintertime, on weekends and winter holidays, go down our sloping back lawn on our flying saucers, bicycling around town in the spring and summer, and we'd having swimming lessons at Concord's Walden Pond, and, later, a man-made pond shared by our town an another town near it, called Valley Pond.