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So Sharmani was "the Sinhalese model", Suna Portman "the niece of Lord Portman", Mark Sykes "her fiance", Antonia Fraser "the daughter of Lord Pakenham" (as her father, later Lord Longford, was known then) and Lady Jane Vane-Tempest-Stewart, "a maid-of-honour at the Coronation".

There was undoubtedly an element of snobbery about it all.

We were constantly being told to make ourselves look older because fashion was directed at women over 30. We all admired her so much, but even though she was only three years older than me, I was very intimidated by her. In the late 1950s, Mary was the undisputed queen of the "Chelsea Set". That was part of the reason why I wanted to work there.

Her whole demeanour was quite like a headmistress - a very nice headmistress, but a headmistress nonetheless. My friends could come in to gossip and giggle - though we tended to shut up when Mary walked in. I've read a lot about the Chelsea Set subsequently and its importance, but it didn't feel like that at the time.

He saw endless glamorous debutantes, all part of the Chelsea Set.

There was always a terrible racket going on in our flat with all my jazz set staying. Once he came in and there were mattresses everywhere.

Today when I go down the King's Road, it doesn't seem very bohemian to me any more. There's just Waitrose and expensive chain shops where we used to play.

Diana Melly's new memoir, 'Take A Girl Like Me', is published by Chatto, priced £14.99.

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That went on and grew in the 1960s but my memory is that all the rest changed in 1958.

Even later, in the 1960s, when I was married to George and we used to go to dinner parties in her entirely red dining-room at her house off Sloane Street, I never really felt as if I was her friend. It was the same just along the King's Road at Kiki Byrne's, another boutique that opened at the same time, or at one of the two coffee bars nearby. There was a sense of the new and exciting, yes, of being in the forefront of change. There was Mary and some of the slightly older, wealthier women who came in to Bazaar to buy the clothes - people like Sonia Melchett, wife of Lord Melchett, or her sister Bunty Kinsman.

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