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13-Nov-2020 11:11

On the topic of men and women and what each one wishes they could say to each other without throwing a tantrum and eventually breaking up: Here’s my two cents. Well, trust me when I say, just like you don’t want random guys adding you on Facebook, we don’t want random women adding us on Facebook. During my time on Facebook, I’ve been added by quite a few women, yet I never threw a shit storm and sent “Why the hell are you adding me? Face it, Facebook has its perils as well – and a block button. He’s not one to jump into things without rationality because he’s been told his whole life that he needs to fill the shoes of the stable family man.And he most definitely will fit those shoes like clean pair of kicks – when he feels the time is right.Don’t date an Arab man if you can’t handle the intensity of his love, because when he finally does find someone he loves, he loves them with every fiber in his being.Although it may be mistaken for insanity – and sometimes it just might be – he loves purely and unconditionally.He doesn’t have time for excuses nor lies; he’s a man with a vision and intends on fulfilling that vision regardless of the roadblocks in his path.Don’t date an Arab man because he doesn’t care to be analyzed or probed when not responding to cryptic text messages; he’s too busy working his ass off trying to get to where he wants to be.

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Don’t date an Arab man because he’s the type to taking things at his own pace, and will tell you right off the bat whether things will go slow or if he’s looking to get serious.

I seem to get this one a lot, usually during the early stages of conversation.