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My goodness, this is a dark turn in our still unfolding national story. Stefan made him feel small, and so Hosea, who at one point noted that he was the last American male on the program — I’m interested in how quickly Hosea made this rhetorical move, and how quickly he translated his feelings of inadequacy into anti-European, ostensibly anti-elitist sentiment, though to me Fabio and Stefan seemed like scrappy immigrants who worked themselves to the bone while Hosea struck me as an entitled brat — whined constantly.

For the second time this year, a reality show personality has helped a person having a medical crisis.

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The main features of these bars—tits, scary guys, sadness and ATMs with usurious service fees—don't seem to lend themselves to a "global Asian bistro" or whatever errant pablum Leah came up with.The third contestant, Hosea Rosenberg, had proved himself a consistently strong chef, but all the focus seemed to be on what he was doing with fellow contestant Leah rather than what he was doing in the kitchen.However, the 34-year-old Colorado native took home the title in a dramatic finish and talked about everything from his rivalry with Stefan to controversial new judge Toby Young to, yes, the infamous Leah couch kiss.She has only one thing on her mind, I've said that twice, and it now we fully see how debilitating her obsession with Hosea's hose really is.

Hosea and Leah went to Brooklyn where they found themselves in the midst of a hissing cauldron of lust. Who among us hasn't been racked with excitement for restaurant wars, a challenge Colicchio claims "the most popular"?