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Or, you may have one composite letter sent from a pre-professional health advisory committee. Although three letters are required, what do I do if my classes were large and the professors did not know me well?Any applicant in this situation should do an honest self-assessment of their retention of the basic sciences and decide from that on which courses to retake. In general, we are looking for applicants with a GPA of 2.7 or higher in overall academic as well as in the sciences. Does UCSF require a minimum number of dental volunteer or shadowing hours? Does the UCSF School of Dentistry offer counseling to prospective students? Unfortunately, the School does not have sufficient staff resources to offer this service.UCSF does not have a minimum requirement for dental volunteer or shadowing hours. Prospective students should seek advice from the advisor at their undergraduate institution.The most important part of any letter is an indication that the writer knows you reasonably well and supports your application. An applicant who fails to achieve competitive scores in three attempts should seriously consider their suitability for dentistry.

My DAT scores meet your minimum requirement, but I am planning on retaking the DAT. of the year preceding the anticipated date of entry. If I have taken the DAT more than once, which score is used in the review of my application?

Applicants should check their status through the AADSAS website. Official copies of foreign transcripts and document evaluations must be received by our admissions office by this date as well. Starting with the 2017-18 application cycle, a separate Supplemental Application will no longer be used.