Updating bios on acer aspire one Video chat unmonitored

24-Sep-2019 10:25

updating bios on acer aspire one-47

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I even got "updating your system" which reached 100% but then it rebooted and attempted to recover installation, before failing and deciding to revert back to Windows 7.Another issue that occurred this time was the PC would get stuck on the "ACER" logo (the first screen that appears when you power up the PC).Insert the charging cable fully into the Aspire One's charging port and verify the power cable is securely connected to the AC adapter "brick." Plug the three-pronged power plug into a working wall outlet.If the laptop still does not charge, try a different outlet that you test with another device, such as a lamp, to make sure the outlet is working properly.I had to power off the machine to make it go past that screen.I don't know what caused this problem but it was quite scary. This attempt failed at about 54% completion when it was trying to install drivers and features.If the BIOS on an Acer laptop contains bugs, random errors will occur when attempting to use the PC.Installing the latest BIOS can resolve these issues.

Extract the zip file and follow the on-screen directions for updating the BIOS. I don't have any PDF file with instruction, only Read Me file with information about version.