Updating dog microchip details

09-Feb-2020 03:22

Below are some key points relating to each microchip database: If the previous owner is not contactable or is uncooperative, a confirmation from a vet or pound is needed to prove the new owner has taken charge of the dog.

A death certificate or letter from a vet or rescue is needed if the previous owner has died* From 2016 the responsibility will be on the previous keeper to complete the change.© This information is reproduced from a Dogs Today Magazine article, strictly with their permission.

It is vitally important to check your dog's microchip and make sure that the details stored are correct and up to date.

But what do you do if your dog has been chipped but you can't remember who, what or where, in order to check it?

We/they do not authorise the copying of all or any part of it. Petlog are an awful company and useless, they took my money 18 months ago and still no confirmation of ownership change. There are so many stolen and missing dogs and when they are found, the chip is checked and so many are not up to date or phone numbers are invalid.

Can I change to a different company or do I have to stay with petlog as that's what the microchip and dog are registered to? A vet or anyone with a chip scanner (some groomers etc..) will be able to scan him for a chip. My dog is with petlog and ive just been given her sister by her now old owner but her chip is registerd with pettrack, she doesnt know how to transfer the chip ownership so it can go on my petlog with my dog? Surely there must be some way we can make this system better and be updated more accurately.

The Pet Registry can be found at should continue to use the Companion Animals Register found at Click on the links below to find out more information about ....

Fido occasionally partners with charitable and animal welfare organisations to make certain chipping-related services available at a discount, or free, to the general public.

Veterinarians and authorised identifiers are able to enter a pet’s details directly onto the Pet Registry as part of their microchipping service, reducing errors and making data entry more efficient.The chip is detected by radio scanners which can help locate your dog if they are lost.